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Site Plans & Floor Plans

Save time and money utilizing drafting services specializing in preliminary/ conceptual site plans.  Don't overpay pokey engineers to draft your conceptual layouts.  Christina Kienbaum is fast, reliable and experienced ready to take on your drafting needs.  From ideas on a scratch piece of paper to full-size prints, she can take your mark-ups and convert them to a professional format. 

Turn Around Time is Within Hours

No Survey? No Problem. Christina utilizes Google Earth Pro Aerials and can layout the site plan to a reliable scale. Just send the property's address or intersection and she'll do the rest.

"Secret Weapon"
Christina can create and revise site plans quickly and easily. Use her drafting services to answer "What If" scenarios. Using the conceptual site plans for negotiating tools greatly reduces the time spent on the engineer's end. Christina is often referred to as a "Secret Weapon."

A simple site plan takes less than an hour

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